About blametheviceroy

blametheviceroy, formerly known as suskingbrad, is a central figure in the reinvigoration that Buffalo’s underground hip-hop and music scene as a whole saw during the late 2010’s.

blametheviceroy, under the moniker suskingbrad, was a core member of fan-favorite alternative hip-hop group Freak the Miighty, known for their fully immersing and high-energy performances.

In 2020, blametheviceroy released his first solo project, Gattsu, under the Freak the Miighty umbrella. The album marked a venture into more soul-barring themes and brash, strong reverberating vocals.

blametheviceroy was started a passion project at first, used as a vehicle to express emotions through experimenting with folk as well as outlaw country influences.

blametheviceroy took the stage from that point on, performing his new material with great acts from the city such as Free Music Party, Spacebound and AP YCM.

In 2022, blame released his aptly named “PASSION WAR” album, meshing a overwhelming “cyber” feeling with emotional crooning and slowcore influences.

Stay tuned on any blametheviceroy performances coming up!