About Free Music Party

If you’ve been to any of the bigger festivals in Buffalo in the past few years, there is a great chance that you’ve moved, grooved and bounced to a Free Music Party track.

Free Music Party came onto the scene back in 2016, originally as just some friends making cool stuff together, comprised of core members, Kevin Spears, Eddy Blanco, Alex Live, DJ Apollo and managers Kay Price and Max Cambria.

FMP became mainstays in the Buffalo community. Their shows, whether you caught them opening for someone or at first solo shows, notably the early ones at Nietzche’s, always had a lasting impression.

Free Music Party, intially, was the “name” for the collective of artists releasing their own music with Spears, Blanco and Alex Live all releasing music during the late 2010’s and first years of the 2020’s.

The group continued to expand, bringing Luno J, a heavily Japanese-jazz inspired musician, into the fold. Luno J had met Kevin Spears, while both lived in Pittsburgh, PA, collaborating on music due to a shared love of jazz and soul.

The cohesion of Free Music Party, who live, performed together but at the time, had yet to release a track as “Free Music Party”. That all changed in 2021 with the releases of singles, “hitss.” and “hold me down.”. Following that, they released their debut album, “777” in 2022.

From that point, the rocket took off. Free Music Party found themselves performing at Town Ballroom, two separate times! The group launched the front room Town Ballroom stage, later gracing the main stage for an unforgettable performance.

Free Music Party’s sound has a underlying theme of “groove”. Although their music can become emotional, there is always an element of soul. The jazz and blues inspirations can be felt through their thoughtful melodies and befitting lyrics.

Free Music Party is a stark reminder of the importance and strength that friendship and hardwork can bring. The entirety of the group worked together, looking for the best interests of all, while cultivating their own sound, culture and crowd.