Shredd and Ragan 

97 Rock

About Shredd and Ragan 

Shredder and Regan are the dynamic duo behind the popular radio show and podcast on 97 Rock. Known for their engaging personalities and quick wit, Shredder and Regan bring listeners a unique blend of humor, commentary, and entertainment throughout the week.

Tune in to 97 Rock to catch Shredder and Regan’s weekly lineup:

  • Monday at 8:00 AM – Niagara Falls Police Blotter: Join Shredder and Regan as they dive into the quirkiest and most intriguing incidents from the Niagara Falls police reports. Their humorous take on local law enforcement happenings is sure to start your week with a laugh.
  • Tuesday at 7:30 AM – F, U Or Both: This interactive segment invites listeners to weigh in on a variety of controversial and amusing topics. Shredder and Regan tackle the questions of the day, offering their own opinions while engaging with their audience’s responses.
  • Wednesday at 8:00 AM – Craigslist Want Ads: In this fan-favorite segment, Shredder and Regan explore the bizarre and often hilarious world of Craigslist’s want ads. Their commentary on the strange requests and offers found online provides a dose of comedy midweek.
  • Thursday at 7:30 AM – OTF For Prizes: Tune in for your chance to win exciting prizes as Shredder and Regan host this fun and energetic game segment. Listeners compete for prizes through a variety of challenges and trivia questions.
  • Friday at 7:30 AM – Missed Connections: End your week with a smile as Shredder and Regan read and comment on the heartfelt, humorous, and sometimes awkward “Missed Connections” ads from around the Buffalo area.

In addition to their radio show, Shredder and Regan host a popular podcast where they delve into a wide range of topics with their signature humor and insights. Whether you’re tuning in live on the radio or catching up on their podcast, Shredder and Regan offer a refreshing and entertaining take on the everyday moments that make life interesting.

Catch Shredder and Regan on 97 Rock for a week of laughter, engagement, and community connection!