Buffalo Olde Brewery


1221 E Lovejoy St, Buffalo, NY 14206

About Buffalo Olde Brewery

Buffalo Olde Brewery, located at 1221 E Lovejoy St in Buffalo, NY 14206, is a testament to the rich brewing tradition of the region. It epitomizes the spirit of Buffalo’s storied past with beer, embodying both the history and the resurgence of craft brewing in the area. The brewery serves as a bridge between the city’s robust brewing heritage and the innovative practices of modern craft beer production.

This establishment is renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity, offering a selection of beers that are both respectful of traditional brewing methods and eager to explore new, creative directions. Visitors can expect a range of offerings from classic lagers and ales to more experimental brews, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the brewing craft.

The ambiance of Buffalo Olde Brewery is one of warmth and welcoming, combining rustic charm with a sense of community. The interior features elements that pay homage to Buffalo’s industrial heritage, creating a space that’s not only about enjoying excellent beer but also about celebrating the city’s culture and history.

One of the defining aspects of Buffalo Olde Brewery is its dedication to creating a communal atmosphere where locals and visitors alike can gather to share stories, enjoy live music, and participate in events that bring people together. This approach has made it a beloved part of the community, where the true essence of Buffalo’s friendly and inclusive spirit shines through.

In addition to its beer, Buffalo Olde Brewery often hosts food trucks and local vendors, providing guests with an array of culinary experiences to complement their beverages. Education is also a key component of the brewery’s mission, with opportunities for guests to learn about the brewing process, the history of beer in Buffalo, and the art of beer tasting.

Buffalo Olde Brewery stands as a beacon for those who appreciate the art of beer making and the role it plays in community and culture. It invites everyone, from beer aficionados to curious newcomers, to partake in an experience that’s deeply rooted in the heart of Buffalo.

Buffalo Location

1221 E Lovejoy St, Buffalo, NY 14206