Spotted Octopus Brewing Co


41 Edward St, Buffalo, NY 14202

About Spotted Octopus Brewing Co

Spotted Octopus Brewing Co., nestled at 41 Edward Street in Buffalo, New York, has emerged as a captivating locale for craft beer enthusiasts. This brewery distinguishes itself not only through its unique name but also by creating a welcoming community atmosphere where visitors can explore a diverse range of craft beers. With taproom hours extending from Wednesday to Sunday, Spotted Octopus offers ample opportunity for patrons to savor their brews, whether it’s for a mid-week break or a weekend outing.

A standout feature of Spotted Octopus Brewing Co. is its commitment to engaging with its customers and the broader community. The brewery hosts Trivia Wednesdays, inviting guests to enjoy a night of fun, laughter, and friendly competition, all while enjoying their favorite beers. This event is indicative of the brewery’s larger ethos: creating memorable experiences that go beyond the beer itself.

For those looking to deepen their connection with Spotted Octopus, the brewery offers exclusive memberships through its Pint Club and 4-Pack Club. These clubs not only foster a sense of belonging among members but also provide them with special privileges and access to the brewery’s latest creations.

Understanding the importance of accessibility and convenience for its visitors, Spotted Octopus Brewing Co. provides detailed parking information on its website. The brewery is situated in a residential neighborhood and encourages respectfulness towards the community. Visitors have options for on-street parking on Franklin St. and Main St., along with ample parking available in the 554 Pearl St. parking lot. However, they are advised not to park in the Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church lot, ensuring harmony with the surrounding community.

The brewery’s website,, serves as a hub for all things Spotted Octopus, offering information on gift cards, membership clubs, and their enticing menu. Patrons can also shop for merchandise, allowing them to carry a piece of their Spotted Octopus experience with them wherever they go.

In summary, Spotted Octopus Brewing Co. in Buffalo, NY, stands out not just for its craft beers but also for its vibrant community spirit, engaging events, and thoughtful integration into the local neighborhood. It’s a place where beer lovers can gather, enjoy quality brews, and make lasting memories.

Buffalo Location

41 Edward St, Buffalo, NY 14202