La Hacienda Brighton


900 Brighton Rd, Tonawanda, NY 14150

About La Hacienda Brighton

La Hacienda Brighton, nestled at 900 Brighton Rd in Tonawanda, NY, is a beloved institution that has been serving the Western New York community since its inception in 1977. This restaurant has evolved from its modest beginnings with only 15 menu items and limited hours from 4pm to 11pm, to a bustling culinary destination boasting over 100 menu items today. La Hacienda Brighton has grown alongside its family of owners and loyal customers, continuously expanding its offerings and hours to cater to a wide array of dining preferences.

Famous for being voted the Best Pepperoni Pizza in Buffalo, La Hacienda Brighton offers more than just exceptional pizza; it provides a comprehensive dining experience that includes wings, pasta, and an array of weekly specials that promise value and quality. Among these specials, diners can enjoy “All You Can Eat Spaghetti”, with the option to add meatballs or sausage, and discounts on large pizzas—including specialty pizzas. Wing enthusiasts can take advantage of “Wing Day” deals, and the restaurant’s acclaimed fish fry is touted as one of the best in Western New York.

A standout feature of La Hacienda Brighton is its “Dinner for Two” special, which includes two select dinners, soup or salad per person, a glass of wine, draft beer or pop per person, and a dessert to share. Additionally, the restaurant offers an “All You Can Eat Pizza, Soup & Salad” deal, providing an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a variety of flavors in one sitting.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, La Hacienda Brighton hosts a DJ Trivia night. This fun, live, interactive trivia game features questions displayed on TV across a range of categories including Movies, History, Music, TV, Science, and more, making it a perfect midweek entertainment option for families and friends.

La Hacienda Brighton prides itself on its commitment to the community, always seeking new ways to better serve its patrons who have supported the restaurant through the years. The dedication to quality, combined with the warm, family-friendly atmosphere, makes La Hacienda Brighton a cherished dining spot among locals and visitors alike.

With decades of history, a broad and diverse menu, and a focus on customer satisfaction, La Hacienda Brighton continues to be a cornerstone of the local dining scene, inviting everyone to partake in its delicious offerings and special moments that turn into lasting memories.

Tonawanda Location

900 Brighton Rd, Tonawanda, NY 14150