A WNY Staple

Schwabl’s, a historic Western New York establishment, prides itself on maintaining a tradition that spans generations. Founded in 1837 by Sebastian Schwabl, the restaurant has become an iconic local landmark. Schwabl’s originally operated within the Parade House entertainment center and later expanded to include “Klein Deustchland,” a larger complex complete with botanical gardens, bowling alleys, and more. Throughout its illustrious history, Schwabl’s has served patrons at notable events like the Pan American Exposition of 1901. In 1942, the restaurant found its permanent home in the Hamlet of Ebenezer in the Town of West Seneca.

In 1990, lifelong West Seneca residents Cheryl and Gene Staychock joined Schwabl’s, becoming an integral part of its story. With Cheryl’s previous experience as a waitress at local establishments from a young age and Gene’s later involvement, they were hand-picked by Ray Schwabl himself to continue the family’s proud tradition. Today, the Staychocks remain dedicated to upholding the legacy of Schwabl’s that has been entrusted to them.

Schwabl’s is renowned for their meticulously prepared roast beef on Kimmelwick sandwiches, made right in front of the customer. With a commitment to quality and tradition, their founder, Ray Schwabl, imparted the invaluable advice to “buy the best, sell the best.” Schwabl’s never compromises on using anything but the finest ingredients. Committed to supporting the local community, they source the best products from local food producers and vendors, ensuring every component of their roast beef-on-kummelweck sandwiches and other homemade selections are of impeccable quality. The ambiance at Schwabl’s is equally important, purposely designed to transport guests to a nostalgic era. With a white uniform-clad staff and a serene atmosphere devoid of distracting elements like TV screens and loud music, Schwabl’s offers a genuinely cherished dining experience for all who visit.