Wind Japanese & Thai


7566 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

About Wind Japanese & Thai

Wind Japanese & Thai, located at 7566 Transit Rd in Buffalo, NY, is a renowned dining establishment that masterfully blends the culinary traditions of Japan and Thailand. This restaurant has earned a reputation for its diverse menu, high-quality ingredients, and the artful presentation of dishes, making it a favorite among local diners and visitors alike.

Upon entering Wind Japanese & Thai, guests are greeted by a modern and inviting atmosphere that reflects the elegance and simplicity associated with both Japanese and Thai aesthetics. The interior design incorporates elements of traditional Asian decor, creating a serene and welcoming environment perfect for casual lunches, intimate dinners, or special occasions.

The menu at Wind Japanese & Thai is a testament to the harmonious fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisines, offering a wide array of choices that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. From expertly prepared sushi and sashimi to flavorful Thai curries and noodle dishes, each item on the menu is crafted with precision and care. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, high-quality ingredients to bring out the authentic flavors of each cuisine.

Highlights of the menu include a selection of sushi rolls that range from classic favorites to innovative creations unique to Wind Japanese & Thai. The Thai menu section features dishes such as Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Basil Chicken, each bursting with the bold flavors and aromatic spices characteristic of Thai cooking. For those who appreciate variety, the restaurant also offers combination platters and chef’s specials that allow diners to explore different aspects of Japanese and Thai culinary traditions.

In addition to its food offerings, Wind Japanese & Thai provides a selection of beverages to complement the dining experience, including traditional Japanese sake, Thai iced tea, and a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The staff at Wind Japanese & Thai are known for their friendly service and attention to detail, ensuring that each guest enjoys a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of Japanese sushi or Thai spices, Wind Japanese & Thai in Buffalo, NY, promises an exquisite blend of flavors that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Asia.

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7566 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221