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2205 Kenmore Ave Ste. 100, Buffalo, NY 14207

4600 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14225

About 26 shirts

26 Shirts, located at 2205 Kenmore Ave Ste. 100 in Buffalo, NY 14207, operates with a distinct and admirable mission within the apparel industry. This innovative company is more than just a typical clothing retailer; it stands out for its unique business model that intertwines fashion with philanthropy. At its core, 26 Shirts releases limited edition sports-themed shirts, with a new design available every two weeks, totaling 26 unique designs over the course of a year—hence the name.

What makes 26 Shirts truly special is its commitment to giving back to the community. A significant portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold is donated to a family in need or a charitable cause. By purchasing a shirt, customers not only receive a piece of high-quality, sports-themed apparel but also contribute to a larger, altruistic effort that provides support and assistance to those facing significant life challenges.

The designs featured on the shirts are often inspired by local sports teams, athletes, and city pride, making them highly appealing to sports enthusiasts and residents looking to show their support for both their team and community. The limited availability of each design adds an element of exclusivity and urgency to the purchasing process, encouraging fans to act quickly before the two-week window closes.

26 Shirts has cultivated a strong following among those who appreciate the intersection of sports, community, and charity. Its storefront on Kenmore Ave serves not only as a retail space but as a reflection of Buffalo’s generous spirit, showcasing how businesses can creatively contribute to societal well-being while engaging with their customer base in meaningful ways.

Buffalo Location

2205 Kenmore Ave Ste. 100, Buffalo, NY 14207

Buffalo Airport Hotel Location

4600 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY 14225