Inspired by Buffalo

Liz, the creative mind behind Buffalo Seamery, brings a touch of fun to her handmade products. As a devoted mother to two boys, she understands the challenge of finding stylish accessories for little ones. That’s why she took matters into her own hands and started crafting adorable hats, bow ties, and even a maternity gown. The positive feedback from friends and family encouraged Liz to turn her passion into a business, expanding her creations to include accessories for all ages and eventually clothing.

In her journey as a designer, Liz began creating her own unique fabric designs, drawing inspiration from her Buffalo roots and her Polish and Irish heritage. Now, most of her fabrics are exclusive to her brand. The joy of crafting something from scratch fuels Liz’s creativity, and she has even ventured into offering a wider range of products like socks and enamel pins.

With a focus on fun, comfort, and premium quality, Liz takes pride in every item she designs and produces. Her love for her products and the art of creation shines through, and she hopes that those who wear her clothes have just as much enjoyment as she does in bringing them to life.