Parkside Candy


3208 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

5456 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

1949 Colvin Blvd, Tonawanda, NY 14150

1 Walden Galleria, Buffalo, NY 14225

About Parkside Candy

Parkside Candy, a Buffalo landmark located at 3208 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214, and its other locations, serve as gateways to a bygone era of confectionery excellence and tradition. Since its establishment, Parkside Candy has been synonymous with quality, offering an array of sweets that transcend the ordinary, from handmade chocolates to old-fashioned lollipops, gummies, and much more. The iconic status of Parkside Candy stems not just from its delectable offerings but also from the nostalgic charm that each of its locations exudes, inviting customers into a world where every sweet is a piece of history.

Timeless Ambiance and Decor

Walking into any Parkside Candy shop is like stepping back in time. The Main St location, for example, is renowned for its original 1920s decor, including a beautifully preserved soda fountain, intricate wall moldings, and vintage lighting fixtures. This attention to preserving historical details provides a unique atmosphere that enhances the overall experience, making each visit memorable. Similarly, the other locations strive to maintain a connection to the past with decor that reflects the rich heritage of the brand.

Handcrafted Confections

At the heart of Parkside Candy’s appeal is its commitment to traditional confectionery methods. Each piece of candy is meticulously handcrafted using recipes that have been perfected over decades. From buttery caramels and rich, velvety chocolates to the famous sponge candy, a Buffalo specialty, the quality and craftsmanship are evident in every bite. The use of high-quality ingredients ensures that each confection is not only delicious but also a testament to Parkside Candy’s dedication to excellence.

A Wide Assortment of Sweets

Parkside Candy’s range of products extends beyond chocolates. The shops offer a variety of sweets to cater to all tastes, including hard candies, jelly beans, holiday-themed treats, and gift assortments. The diversity of their selection means that everyone, from children to adults, can find something to enjoy. Seasonal offerings and special occasion baskets make it easy to celebrate any event with the timeless taste of Parkside Candy.

Community and Tradition

Beyond being a retailer, Parkside Candy plays an integral role in the Buffalo community, serving as a cherished destination for generations of families. The shops are places of celebration and nostalgia where people come to share moments of joy and create new memories. Parkside Candy’s resilience and continued popularity speak to its ability to adapt while maintaining the core values of quality and tradition that have defined it since its inception.

All Locations Share a Common Legacy

While Parkside Candy may operate multiple locations, each shop shares the common legacy of delivering happiness through sweets. Whether visiting the flagship store on Main St or any other outlet, customers can expect the same high standards of quality and service that have made Parkside Candy a beloved institution for nearly a century.

In conclusion, Parkside Candy, with its main location at 3208 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214, and all other locations, represents more than just a candy store; it embodies a rich tradition of confectionery excellence and a deep-rooted place in the hearts of those who visit. Offering a delightful assortment of handmade sweets within nostalgically decorated spaces, Parkside Candy remains a treasured part of Buffalo’s cultural and culinary landscape.

Buffalo Location

3208 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

Williamsville Location

5456 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

Tonawanda Location

1949 Colvin Blvd, Tonawanda, NY 14150

Walden Galleria Location

1 Walden Galleria, Buffalo, NY 14225