A Touch of Femininity

Located on the lively corner of Elmwood Avenue in the vibrant Elmwood Village, this delightful little shop is a true treasure trove, boasting an extensive collection of fashionable apparels, trendy accessories, and luxurious beauty products.

Co-owned by the dynamic duo of Joanne Dina and Gordon Scherer, Anna Grace is renowned for its eclectic mix of everyday-wear styles sourced from local design talents and renowned fashion brands alike. With its undeniable charm, this quaint boutique perfectly captures the essence of the neighborhood, offering a fine balance between understated elegance and fashionable edge in womenswear. From flowy linen dresses and stunning gold ear cuffs to chic leather clutches and sophisticated felt fedoras, the collection at Anna Grace is guaranteed to elevate any outfit to new heights of style.

Not content with just clothing and accessories, the shop also features an array of delightful apothecary items, including vegan soaps and vibrant nail polish shades. Additionally, you can find an assortment of soy candles, plush velvet-covered notebooks, and whimsical greeting cards, making it a go-to destination for finding that perfect gift to bring back home for friends and loved ones.