Greenest Shop in the Elmwood Village

Put a Plant on It is a full-service gift shop that offers a wide range of botanically themed gifts, rare and common plants, houseplant consulting and sitting, as well as houseplant hospital and repotting services. They also provide interior plant decorating for homes or businesses, offer classes, create moss installations, and have many more exciting offerings!

Their collection of rare plants is a source of great pride for them, considering the less-than-ideal climate for these species. Each plant is meticulously propagated and grown with utmost care, making each one truly special.

In collaboration with over 30 different growers across the country, they are dedicated to helping customers find plants that are suitable for their specific space and lifestyle. They take the time to understand each customer’s home and provide personalized recommendations.

Supporting the local community is a top priority for them, which is why their store showcases nearly 100 local artisans. By doing so, they aim to foster camaraderie and celebrate the talent found within the community.