Animal Outfitters


500 Seneca St Suite #150, Buffalo, NY 14204

About Animal Outfitters

Animal Outfitters, established in 2005, stands as Buffalo’s premier destination for pet owners seeking quality products and services for their furry companions. Located in the heart of Buffalo, with a special focus on serving dog parents living or working in the city, including the Hydraulics District—near the Larkin District and adjacent to downtown Buffalo—Animal Outfitters caters to a community of pet lovers looking for exceptional care and products for their pets.

The store boasts a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of pets and their owners. Their offerings include high-quality food, treats, and supplements that cater to the nutritional needs of pets. For grooming and cleanliness, they provide a selection of products to keep pets looking their best. The store also offers toys and training supplies to keep pets engaged and well-behaved, along with collars, leashes, and harnesses for safe and stylish outings. Additionally, Animal Outfitters carries apparel and accessories for pets who like to step out in style, and comfort and travel items to ensure pets are comfortable at home or on the move.

Beyond its extensive product range, Animal Outfitters is known for its premium services. They offer dog daycare, where pets can play and socialize in a safe and nurturing environment. Their grooming and spa services ensure that every pet leaves looking and feeling their best. For pets needing a bit of guidance, the store provides training and fitness programs tailored to each pet’s needs. Concierge services are also available, offering an added layer of convenience for busy pet owners.

Animal Outfitters’ commitment to the pet community in Buffalo is evident not just in the products and services they offer but also in their approach to customer service. Recognized for their personal touch, the staff at Animal Outfitters greets each customer by name, creating a welcoming atmosphere that has made them a beloved part of the local pet community.

With the expansion to 500 Seneca Street, Animal Outfitters has broadened its reach, especially catering to the needs of dog owners in the downtown area. This location focuses on daycare, grooming, self-service dog washing, canine training, and fitness, along with other wellness activities and services, complementing their highly successful original location.

Animal Outfitters truly embodies the spirit of small business Saturday every day, demonstrating a passion for quality pet products, outstanding customer service, and the well-being of Buffalo’s cat and dog community.

Buffalo Location

500 Seneca St Suite #150, Buffalo, NY 14204