The Way of Mack Luchey

Doris Records, is recognized by many as the hub that helped keep music and art alive in our city, through its toughest years. Founded by Mack Luchey, Doris Records represented community coming together through a love of music.

Doris Records was the first record store to come to Buffalo, even before Record Theatre or Home of the Hits! Luchey’s legacy spans further than just the brick-and-mortar aspect of the store. Doris served as Mecca for many artists on their way up, including Buffalo Legends such as DJ Shay or Westside Gunn.

Albeit, Doris might not be at the top of the list when you think of stores to currently search for vinyl at but trust me, it is perfect for crate diggers. I got the chance to visit a month back or so, there is still vinyl worth to dig through and great CDs to find.