The Brand New Hidden Gem for Vinyl Collectors

The city of Buffalo like many other cities across the world are experiencing a renaissance of vinyl record collectors. After Record Theatre closed in 2016, the “go-to” record store had created a void for many customers who made a weekly or even daily trip there. Since then, there has been a surge of new record stores including Hi-Fi Hits, Revolver Records and Black Dots, just to name a few of the more popular ones.

Unfortunately, I find that many record stores nowadays are heavily modernized from the stock that they carry to the absence of the turntable and headphones, meant for testing the quality and sound. More and more certain stores make it harder for younger people enter into the vinyl collecting scene with their massive markups on previously cheap albums (I’m talking to all of you selling Rumors for over $25).

Then there comes Soul Stop Records, which I had seen on social media and was extremely intrigued by their collection of soul and jazz, as well as the outstanding collection of Brazilian and Japanese music. Despite the rarity of many of his titles, they are all fairly priced. The entire vibe inside reminds me of what record stores felt like when I first starting collecting.

Soul Stop Records up in the City of Tonawanda is your next “must-check-out” from their eclectic, unique decor and furniture to the authentic feeling that can be felt right after walking through the door.