The BFLO Store


4199 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

One Walden Galleria Dr, Store D223, Buffalo, NY 14225

3701 McKinley Pkwy Unit 202, Blasdell, NY 14219

About The BFLO Store

The BFLO Store, with its flagship location at 4199 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221, and additional presences in prominent mall locations, stands as a proud testament to Buffalo’s vibrant culture, heritage, and community spirit. This unique retail destination specializes in a wide array of products that celebrate the essence of Buffalo, New York, making it a must-visit for both locals proud of their city and visitors looking to take a piece of Buffalo home with them.

Celebrating Buffalo’s Spirit

At the heart of The BFLO Store is a deep-rooted love for the city of Buffalo. This passion is reflected in its extensive selection of merchandise, which includes everything from apparel, home decor, and accessories to local food items and souvenirs. Each product is carefully selected or designed to embody the spirit of Buffalo, featuring iconic symbols of the city, sports team logos, and locally inspired designs that resonate with Buffalonians’ pride and joy in their city.

A Wide Range of Buffalo-Themed Merchandise

One of the key attractions of The BFLO Store is its diverse product range that caters to all ages and interests. Sports enthusiasts can find a vast selection of Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres gear, from jerseys and hats to memorabilia and accessories. Those interested in local art and crafts will appreciate the store’s collection of Buffalo-themed artwork, handmade jewelry, and decor crafted by local artisans. Additionally, the store offers a variety of Buffalo-inspired food products, including sauces, snacks, and sweets, perfect for gifting or enjoying a taste of the city’s culinary delights.

Mall Locations for Convenient Shopping

In addition to its flagship location on Transit Road, The BFLO Store’s presence in key mall locations makes it accessible to a broad audience. These mall stores mirror the flagship’s commitment to quality and local pride, offering a convenient option for shoppers to explore Buffalo-themed merchandise while enjoying the amenities of the mall. Whether you’re finishing a day of shopping or looking for the perfect gift, The BFLO Store’s mall locations provide an immersive experience into Buffalo culture.

Community Engagement and Events

The BFLO Store goes beyond retail to actively engage with the Buffalo community through various events, collaborations, and initiatives that support local causes and celebrate the city’s achievements. From hosting meet-and-greets with local athletes to participating in city-wide festivals and events, The BFLO Store positions itself as an integral part of Buffalo’s community fabric, fostering a sense of unity and local pride.

A Destination for Buffalo Pride

With its comprehensive selection of Buffalo-themed merchandise and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, The BFLO Store has established itself as a destination for anyone looking to celebrate the city’s culture, history, and community. Its success reflects the enduring spirit of Buffalo and its residents’ deep-seated pride in their city.

In summary, The BFLO Store, with its flagship location and mall outlets, epitomizes the vibrant spirit of Buffalo, NY. Through its diverse range of locally themed merchandise, community engagement, and celebration of all things Buffalo, it serves both as a beacon of local pride and a welcoming gateway for visitors to discover what makes the city truly special.

Williamsville Location

4199 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

Walden Galleria Location

One Walden Galleria Dr, Store D223, Buffalo, NY 14225

McKinley Mall Location

3701 McKinley Pkwy Unit 202, Blasdell, NY 14219