Sad Boys Brewing

Drinking Can Be Sad, Don’t Do It Alone

Sad Boys Brewing, a promising addition to the craft beer scene, has exciting plans to open its doors in Larkin, specifically at 567 Exchange St. With an enthusiastic team comprising of homebrewers John O’Neill, Tyler Randle, Collin Edbauer, and Andrew Anderson, this project aims to offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary beer styles.

Edbauer, one of the passionate brewers, expressed their focus on combining flagship lagers and ales with innovative adjuncted variations. They particularly emphasized their love for traditional beer, exemplified by their Oktoberfest, kolsch, and pale ale. At the same time, they embrace experimentation by introducing intriguing creations such as their Loganberry IPA and Peppermint Patty Stout. Edbauer elaborated on their approach to craft beers, saying, “We’re trying to create a new and fiery approach to craft beers, drawing inspiration from a wide range of beer styles and mixing ideas with careful consideration and experimentation.” The Loganberry IPA, for instance, brings together a traditional Ukrainian-style IPA recipe, featuring classic west coast style hops, and a delightful local loganberry flavor.

The brewery encompasses a delightful space of 1,200 square feet, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor seating options, with ample room for expansion up to 3,000 square feet to meet future demands.

Planning to ensure a delightful gastronomic experience for visitors, Sad Boys Brewing is actively searching for potential operators to run their taproom kitchen.

Though an exact opening date is yet to be finalized, the estimated timeline for completion is projected within six to seven months.

The Larkin neighborhood, already a haven for craft beer enthusiasts, will soon celebrate the arrival of Sad Boys Brewing, joining esteemed establishments such as Flying Bison Brewing, Hydraulic Hearth, Belt Line Brewery, Buffalo Brewing Company, Magic Bear Beer Cellar, and Buffalo Distilling Company. Exciting prospects are on the horizon, as Briar Brothers Brewing Co. has also announced its future brewery and taproom at the former Buffalo Malting Cos. silo complex located at 50 Elk St.