Fresh Catch Poke Co.


5933 Main St #101, Williamsville, NY 14221

About Fresh Catch Poke Co.

Fresh Catch Poke Co. has established itself as a relaxed and inviting fast-casual dining destination known for its customizable poke bowls, lobster rolls, and acai bowls. Emphasizing fresh, sustainable seafood and locally sourced produce, this eatery caters to a broad range of dietary preferences and tastes with its health-conscious menu options. Operating in the vibrant locales of Williamsville and Downtown Buffalo, New York, Fresh Catch Poke Co. has garnered attention for its commitment to quality ingredients and chef-curated sauces.

The restaurant’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram highlights its dedication to top-quality fish, fresh local produce, and unique culinary creations. With the additional offering of a fresh seafood market at its Williamsville location, Fresh Catch Poke Co. goes beyond the typical dining experience to provide customers with high-quality seafood options for home preparation.

Reviews on platforms such as Yelp reveal that Fresh Catch Poke Co. enjoys a positive reputation among its patrons, with an average rating that reflects satisfaction with both the food quality and the dining atmosphere. Customers frequently praise the variety of the menu, the ability to customize their meals, and the freshness of the ingredients used.

In addition to serving delicious meals, Fresh Catch Poke Co. enhances the downtown Buffalo dining scene with The Galley Lounge, offering a convenient spot for those looking to enjoy a meal or drink around the corner from downtown venues. This expansion signifies the brand’s growth and its efforts to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

For those looking to enjoy Fresh Catch Poke Co.’s offerings on the go, DoorDash Pickup orders can be placed for the Buffalo location, providing an easy and convenient option for enjoying fresh poke bowls without the wait.

In summary, Fresh Catch Poke Co. stands out for its focus on sustainability, fresh ingredients, and customizable dining options, making it a must-visit destination for health-conscious eaters and seafood lovers alike in the Buffalo area.

Williamsville Location

5933 Main St #101, Williamsville, NY 14221