Music is the bridge that connects us all. You might not know it but the heartbeat of sound in Buffalo is thumping harder than ever before. Topical Tracks will attempt to cater the vast amount of great music and solid talent working and releasing music, right under your noses.

Nolo the Slayer’s album “I Love Slayer” released on June 26th, is his first album release, following “QUICKFIX” earlier March this year. “I Love Slayer” has definitely exhibited Slayer’s understanding of flow with the irreverent glitchpop beats. The seven-track album bleeds power pop, glitch-punk and hyperpop through Nolo’s building hooks on “Fucked Up” or the metronomic melancholy achieved on “Sublime”.

Nolo represents a new generation that has been working and grinding behind the scenes to create unique music and an overall theme to their sound and artistry. His album, “I Love Slayer” succeeds in the cyber, glitchy enivronment it attempts to build.

This album is a “Bona Fide Bop” and perfect for relistening. To get an idea, I’ve listened to it three times through while writing and preparing this article.